Our Projects

EMConsulting respects the confidentiality of our clients. Due to the nature of the services we provide and the clients that we assist, it is not often possible to share client identity.

Here are a some examples of projects EMConsulting has completed for our clients.


  • radiated susceptibility of commercial aircraft fitted with government sensors and systems
  • radiated emissions and susceptibility of military aircraft ‘glass cockpit’ display
  • upgrade of industrial control system to meet MIL‑STD‑461 requirements for submarine vehicle
  • radiated emissions and susceptibility of military sensor with large, unshielded apertures
  • ESD upset of electronically controlled industrial oven
  • radiated susceptibility of DSP-based headset used on carrier flight deck
  • random upset of high volume pump test station due to self-induced noise
  • radiated emissions of telecommunications modem
  • bonding and grounding in spacecraft test facility
  • ESD upset of in-plant food processing equipment
  • radiated and conducted emissions of 20kW electronically controlled fan in military ground vehicle
  • radiated and conducted emissions of unshielded electronics module used in military and commercial aircraft

EMC Control Plans

  • control plan for LEO scientific spacecraft
  • spectrum management (DD-1494) for commercial vehicle radar used for military ground vehicle
  • draft requirements for autonomous military sea vehicle
  • autonomous military ground vehicle meeting the most stringent requirements of MIL‑STD‑461 and MIL‑STD‑464 including ESD, lightning, EMP, DEW, HIRF, and HPM
  • control plan for GEO government spacecraft

Miscellaneous Projects

  • RF exposure survey of office facility
  • on-orbit diagnostics of GEO spacecraft anomalies
  • shielding bonding, and filtering design for military ground vehicle retrofitted for remote control
  • shielding, bonding, and return design for military aircraft environmental control system
  • EMC qualification test procedures for military electronic equipment to MIL-STD-461/464
  • EMC qualification test procedures for spacecraft electronic equipment to MIL-STD-461/462 and NASA GSFC-7000 (GEVS)
  • EMC design for 25 kW motor drive for aircraft to meet DO-160 and MIL-STD-461
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